At Hope Counselling clinic we believe deeply in the equality of all people. There is no discrimination based on religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and identity. We believe everyone needs a safe place to go to in their time of trouble, so our doors are always open welcoming people from all over the world.


Individual counselling generally looks like clients working one-on-one with a trained professional.

Counselling helps individuals learn new ways to manage challenging situations in their lives.

At Hope Counselling Clinic we treat a large age-group bracket consisting of adolescents, adults as well as senior people.


Our lives are filled with relationships. Some of the most significant relationships are with our partners and spouses. As beautiful and fulfilling as these relationships can be, very often they come with a host of other challenges that can overwhelm and cause us distress if left undealt with.

You may be in a same sex relationship, have a boyfriend/girlfriend or be in a long term relationship. At Hope Counselling Clinic we believe that all relationships matter because we are made for connection, we are made to love and be loved. We need good safe people to nurture us and help us thrive. If you need help making your relationship be a safe fulfilling place for you feel free to reach out.


At Hope Counselling Clinic we conduct premarital counselling which helps couples prepare for marriage. It gives them a clearer understanding and idea of what is to come, what is expected of them, what they can expect from their spouses. It clarifies gender roles, helps understand your partner’s beliefs, values and helps create a foundation to build a marriage on. Here are a few questions premarital counselling explores:

  • What is the motivation for getting married?
  • As a couple what do we want out of life?
  • How do you think our relationship will change after we are married?
  • What are some values that are important to you? What are values you think are important to your spouse?
  • How do you think your spouse sees you?


Marriages are entities that have a life of their own. They are ever evolving, changing and dynamic. A marriage may go through many different seasons. Some of these seasons are warm and wonderful and other can be harsh and cold. As life happens and difficulties come your way, is your marriage strong enough to withstand the storm?

Maybe your marriage is struggling today, you don’t see eye to eye on many issues, maybe you feel unseen, unheard, unsupported or trapped. Whatever your struggle, know that at Hope Counselling we can help you restore your marriage. We can teach you ways to strengthen or rejuvenate your marriage no matter what season your marriage is in. We can teach you communication skills, how to listen and respond, how to work through conflict and negotiate, how to make your partner feel loved, how to recognize and meet our deep need of love, belonging, respect, admiration and security.

A marriage is what we make it, it grows where it is watered and dies where left untended. It is in our power to make our marriage what we want it to be, so keep working on your marriage!



There are different types of families. Some are nuclear families, some are single parent families, some childless families, there are step families or blended families, extended families and grandparent families. Each family dynamic has its own set of challenges that go with it.

The counselling room provides a safe space for every member of the family to have a voice and be heard, to feel important, valued and respected while learning healthy ways of interaction and communication – all in all creating a safer, nurturing family environment.

Family Counselling emdr

Where there is hope... there is healing!