Supervision / Consultation is the act or function of overseeing something or somebody. In the field of mental health, counsellors and psychologists have supervisors/ consultants that oversee their cases and perform a number of other helpful duties towards their supervisees/consultees.


This is important for the development of every counsellor and psychologist. It provides a safe place for a therapist to engage in analytical and objective reflection of their cases with their supervisor/ consultant. It is a space where the supervisee/ consultee can raise concerns and issues they might have related to specific cases and seek guidance and wisdom on how to proceed. A good supervisor/ consultant educates, guides and encourages the supervisee/  consultee, to hone up their skills and empower them further in their work.


Both individual and group supervision/ consultation can be carried out face to face, over the phone or online. This enables people from all over the world to form effective supervision groups.


Stella is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and offers case consultation for counsellors and therapists worldwide. She has worked with organizations and schools providing their counsellors the support and wisdom they need to care for their clients. Stella is an effective, efficient and insightful consultant. She not only checks in on the consultee’s mental well-being but is also great with tips and brilliant strategies and new perspectives to manage cases. 

If you are looking for supervision and case consultation do not hesitate to reach out.

I have had the privilege of working with Stella Bhagwat in our Consultant In Training group with Roy Kiessling.
I have been impressed with Stella’s ability both as a clinician and as a consultant. Stella remains true to the EMDR model and easily demonstrates this with her client treatment plans. She is also able to consult with consultees in a way that considers their developmental stage as an EMDR clinician and helps to encourage their interest and persistence with utilizing EMDR through the learning curves
and challenges that come.

Stella remains both personable and professional and is a solid member of the EMDR community. She has high standards, a solid practice management strategy and is very compassionate and
collaborative as a colleague. This is all demonstrated by the way she speaks about clients, clinicians and interacts with her peers.


Exchange Therapy & Consultation Shannon Daniels AAMFT  |  |

It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Stella Bhagwat as an EMDR Consultant.
I have known Stella for 6 months, working together in a Consultants’ consultation group. Through this group, I have been able to directly observe and interact with her as we discussed cases presented in the group.

Listening as Stella weighed in on cases presented, her knowledge of EMDR was evident. Her approach was consistently insightful and ethical as we tackled complex cases. It has been a privilege working with Stella because of her dynamic personality, hunger for constructive feedback, and great passion that is both refreshing and infectious. Stella exhibits a deep respect for, and commitment to her clientele.


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