Hope Counselling Clinic is conducting online sessions as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic challenges. With Telehealth as an available option now we see clients from across the globe. 

For international client booking please feel free to email at


If you have an online video session booked in, the counsellor will email you a link that can accessed at the time of your appointment.

You’ll need either a smartphone, tablet or computer with a good internet connection, camera and microphone. Headphones can also help with audio quality. We also encourage you to find a private spot so you can speak freely without interruption.


Research has shown that online counselling has been shown to be just as effective as face to face counselling. It is the counsellor’s compassion, empathy, non-judgemental attitude, expertise and skill that makes all the difference in the quality of counselling, not whether sessions are online or in-person. At Hope Counselling Clinic we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of psychological care.


We understand that the idea of online counselling can be daunting especially if you have not been to counselling before. Your counsellor will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about online counselling to put your mind at ease. You may want to try a session or two to get the feel of it. It is always better to have some support than no support.

I started consulting Stella ma’am to resolve my anger and anxiety issues. She helped me understand my psyche and guided me as I understood and explored why and what triggers led to my anger or anxiety and panic attacks. With her support I was able to identify the traumatic childhood experiences that were creating a problem in me affecting my professional and personal life. Using EMDR with tapping techniques and visual exercises she helped me work on my deepest fears and guided me throughout the way so I could function better socially, and handle the factors that triggered me. The first few sessions were face to face. The whole aura of the clinic office was full of positivity and I looked forward to the therapy sessions even when they were tough or tiring. I was able to see how I handled things in a matter of 3-4 session. Due to corona I had to shift to online sessions. Even when I was living in the city and house where my childhood traumatic experiences took place, ma’am guided me and over time I was able to heal from it and handle the triggers. I chose a new career moved forward from the traumatic memories, repaired some relationships that were affected and also got the courage to put up boundaries with some of my family members.

She also taught me many ways to make sure I take care of my mental health and how to keep enhancing myself.



I have been seeing Stella for two years now, exclusively online by video conferencing, and the experience has been better than I could have hoped for. Living in the United States, with my travel schedule, it was difficult to see someone in person with any kind of consistency, so being able to have sessions with Stella from anywhere really helped make treatment consistent for me. I feel I have made some good progress in our weekly sessions with virtual EMDR via tapping, slowly but surely working through all my trauma baggage (which is complex to say the least) and learning to cope with current stressors in healthier ways.

My life has opened up so much more since i started seeing Stella (one of the more concrete examples being I no longer fear driving!) and I’m feeling truly hopeful for the future.

Stella is very encouraging, patient and kind in her therapeutic approach, and it has been such a blessing to see my life blossom and transform with every step of healing.



Dr. Stella and I met online once weekly for six months. I live in Kenya and therefore all the sessions were online. Even if we never met in person, during this period, Dr. Stella was a strong and supportive presence in my life and an anchor for my mental health. I had never experienced EMDR therapy before and can confidently state that it was profoundly effective in grappling with, coming to terms with, and ultimately reconciling with past trauma / tragedy.

Dr. Stella is a skilled and intuitive counsellor who weaves in humour and empathy within the scientific techniques and protocols of EMDR. The mechanisms by which EMDR recalibrates your experience with trauma are no less powerful in a virtual forum. If you have a good internet connection, there is little disruption to the sessions, with visual and verbal cues being easily picked up on both sides.

During the process of therapy you live more vividly, both while awake and asleep, and the process of healing can be intense as well as accelerated.

I would highly recommend EMDR to anyone who wants to exhume their demons and live a life that is more free, light and peaceful.



Where there is hope... there is healing!